the glass facades cleaning robot


Cleaning high rises and smaller buildings glass facades with clean-kong:





is the cleaning solution:


A cleaning co-worker, hanged from the roof, offering a continuous green cleaning process and providing safety and efficiency for high rises and smaller buildings.

Some efficiency facts about Clean-Kong

360 m²/h

28 Kg

3 L / 100 m²

How is it setup?


The robot is hung by its umbilical cable from the hoist seated onto the roof. This special hoist controls the speed of the robot whilst the robot takes care of the cleaning and window crossing. Thanks to extra low water consumption, the robot carries it’s clean pure water into its tank and store the wasted water into a second dedicated tank.


The operator can either control it from roof or from the ground through a remote controller


Robot moves from bottom to top and then gets back to bottom. When a column is finished, operator moves the robot to the next column.

How does it work?


Hoist provides power to the robot through holding umbilical. Osmosis water is sprayed on windows while rotating brushes clean them. Succers press brushes against facades while robot is moving. Robot communicates with hoist to control its descent.

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Erylon is a start-up founded in 2015 by CEO Emmanuel ROBERT. It is located in south France, near Marseille city. It is sponsored by Pays d’Aix Developpement, BPI, Airbus group, Pays d’Aix Initiative, Crédit Agricole and Banque Populaire Méditerannée.

Erylon is always seeking for talented people. We believe that in the world there are absolutely awesome people who have the imagination and skills to create extraordinary things. Above offering exciting and chanllenging jobs, Erylon offers flexibility, equity, financial and non financial rewards. If you share these values, we would be glad you would join the team: apply to us!

Erylon wants to develop worldwide wherever safety and productivity concerns are. Erylon is seeking for abroad partners willing to distribute its products. If you are interested, please contact us.

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